MF Academy Trainings

Plastics and injection moulding trainings beyond the software

Under the name MF Academy, we offer advanced, application- and process-oriented in-depth training courses. For some of these training courses, we work closely with industry partners, so the content of these courses goes far beyond Moldflow application and result interpretation.

Moldflow Training Center MF Academy Schulungen
  • Process-related Trainings
  • User-related Trainings
  • Project Coaching
  • Mechanics related Trainings

Process-related Trainings

Design of Experiments (DoE)

In this course, you will learn to understand test designs in and outside Moldflow and how to optimize your parts and tools with statistical test design – especially in combination with API and Cloud.

Foam Injection Molding

In this course you will learn the basics and special features of chemical and/or physical foaming, how to set up a robust process on the machine and how to validate and optimize it in Moldflow.

User-related Trainings

Advanced Gating

In this joint training session with HRS and Beaumont Technologies, learn about the latest runner technologies (both hot and cold runner) and how to simulate them in Moldflow to visualize and validate advantages and disadvantages.

Interpretation Workshops

In this one to two day workshop you will also learn how to interpret the results of your colleagues, customers or suppliers as non-Moldflow users. In addition to a general workshop, we also offer customized training for divisions and departments such as process technicians and machine setters.

Tool Cooling

In this training you will learn about the advantages of complex tool cooling from conformal to variothermal and gain an understanding of the different possibilities to simulate them (average vs. transient, BEM vs. FEM, etc.).

Project Coaching

We offer all our (Moldflow-)trainings to small groups (up to two to three persons) also as Project Coaching. With this type of training, participants do not learn the contents by means of many small exercises, but on their own complex parts or tools.

Project coaching thus offers a perfect compromise between training and a commissioned service, as the participants learn directly from their projects and at the same time the actual project business does not stop during the training. Instead, participants return from the training with a part or tool that has been optimized together with our project engineers.

Material Trainings

Influences of Material Data on the Result Accuracy of Simulations

Learn in this training the influences of isotropic and anisotropic materials and their material data on the simulation. Especially for injection molding simulations, the quantity, the accuracy, the time of determination, material measurement methods and many other factors play a major role. In the course of this training, you will be able to check material data sets and simulations for plausibility and perform optimizations on components and molds much better.

Mechanics related Trainings

Introduction to Integrative Simulation

In this course you will learn the causes and meaning of anisotropy and how it can be taken into account in structural mechanics simulation using suitable software and material models.

Interpretation Workshop for Structural Mechanics

In this workshop you will learn methodical rules for the behavior of parts under various load cases. Within the workshop results of the FEM simulation are visualized, interpreted, checked for plausibility and compared with reality.