Autodesk Moldflow Adviser

The Solution for Designers

Autodesk Moldflow Adviser is the small and cost-effective solution for simulating the design during component development. With the resulting digital prototypes, development times and costs can be drastically reduced. The Adviser allows the simple import of CAD data from all common systems such as Catia®, Creo® or SolidWorks®, as well as the fast simulation of the component – often only within a few minutes. Despite the extremely simple handling, the Adviser uses functions, solvers and, above all, the Autodesk Moldflow Insight material database, which contains over 10,000 data records.

After just two to three days of training, users are able to find a suitable injection point, compare different materials, ensure feasibility and carry out a fully-fledged filling simulation. The results of this simulation include maximum pressures and closing forces, the cycle time and, of course, shrinkage and warpage. In addition, the Adviser already allows the modeling of connection and cooling systems with the help of intuitive Runner and Cooling Wizards, so that the first simple mold analyses can be carried out quickly.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Simple operation
  • Short training period
  • Suitable for occasional use (parallel to construction)
  • Low-cost introduction to injection moulding simulation (already at 221,- €/month*)
Free (Trial)
0,- €one month (30 days)
  • All premium features
  • Runner optimization
  • Holding pressure and warpage analysis
  • Tool cooling
from 221,- €per month*
  • Design guide
  • Determination of injection point(s)
  • Process window analysis
  • Filling simulation
from 1104,- €per month*
  • All premium features
  • Runner optimization
  • Holding pressure and warpage analysis
  • Tool cooling

Compare the Premium and Ultimate versions in detail and find out,
which expansion stage is the right one for your company.

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*Moldflow Adviser licenses are only available as annual licenses

Tutorial #1 (Design Guide):

Tutorial #2 (Process Settings):

For further information on the operation and application of the Adviser, we recommend attending our training courses.

For better comparability of the main software features please check out the table below

Adviser PremiumAdviser UltimateInsight StandardInsight PremiumInsight Ultimate
Import of common CAD formats
Modelling of runners
Modelling of cooling systems
Modelling of part inserts
Modelling of tool inserts
Import of assemblies
Midplane meshes
Dual Domain meshes
3D meshes
3D meshing of runners
3D modelling of cooling systems
3D modelling of heating systems