Your path to becoming an expert

International corporations such as General Motors insist that the manufacturability of their plastic parts be proven by simulations performed by experienced Moldflow users.

Are you an experienced Moldflow user? Then get certified from Autodesk with our support!

The certification program requires knowledge of software operation, an understanding of the injection molding process and procedures for optimizing component and mold designs. We support you with the appropriate preparation course.

Requirement: Moldflow Insight Essential Basics Training
Requirement: ½ day
Examination: ½ day
Type of examination: Multiple Choice
Price: 900 €
Requirement: Essential Basics + Extended Functions & Associate Certification
Requirement: 1 day
Examination: 2 days
Type of examination: Multiple Choice
Price: 1800 €
Requirement: Professional certification (at least 12 months ago)
Requirement: individually (upon request)
examination: 3 days (theoretical and practical examination) + ½ day (presentation)
Type of examination: Multiple Choice + practical examination (analysis) + presentation
Price: 2.700 €