Autodesk Fusion + Extensions

The future of product development

Autodesk Fusion is a whole new way to design modern and complex parts and products. The cloud-based software includes a huge variety and depth of functionality not found in any other product. All features are designed to give the designer, engineer or even manager as many tools as needed – to develop products even easier, even faster and even more diverse. Since the software works using cloud networks, all work processes, renderings, simulations and many other features are streamed live. This makes the work faster, more accurate and better than anything we’ve seen in previous CAD, CAM and design products. In the future, the designer can design a rib geometry while the simulation engineer is already simulating the fillability on the previous geometry, or another one is testing the strength of the design – and all having access to the results in real time.

The base product Fusion:

Autodesk Fusion

The basic version of Autodesk Fusion already offers countless functionalities in sketching and design, freeform surface modeling, machining and generative design, rendering and even simple static simulation analysis. All other functionalities can be activated in no time.
Fusion Base Version
480,- €p.a.*
  • Integrated software for CAD, CAM, CAE and PCB.
  • First features for:
  • - Planning
  • - Design
  • - Electronics
  • - Manufacturing
*Prices excl. VAT

The Fusion advantages at a glance:

  • Simple and very fast interface
  • Little to no training required
  • Suitable for occasional use (parallel to construction)
  • Inexpensive, flexible and individual – can be used on a daily or modular basis
  • Inexpensive and at the same time highly accurate injection molding simulation
  • Cloud-based and thus hardware-independent simulations

What is a Fusion Extension?

Extensions allow you to use advanced design and manufacturing technologies in Fusion 360. For injection molding simulation, for example, this means using the high-performance Moldflow computational solvers.


  • Extend the software with modular extensions and use features such as complex machining strategies, generative design, simulation, and additive manufacturing workflows on demand.
  • Customize your software usage to project schedules with annual subscription options or Flex Tokens.

The following Fusion Extensions already exist:

  • Simulation Extension
  • Generative Design Extension
  • Product Design Extension
  • Machining Extension
  • Nesting & Fabrication Extension
  • Manage Extension
  • Additive Build Extension

The most interesting extensions for designers of plastic components:

Product Design Extension

This extension offers individual design rules for plastics, wall thickness, draft angle, knife edge and undercut analyses. In addition, snap-hook and hole designs suitable for plastics can be inserted simply.

Simulation Extension

The Simulation Extension already offers all functions from Moldflow Adviser Premium and much more on top. In addition to injection molding simulations with filling and holding pressure, warpage calculation is also included. Furthermore, a variety of mechanical simulations can be performed.

Generative Design Extension

With the Generative Design Extension you can generate topology-optimized designs taking into account mounting and environmental boundary conditions as well as forces and moments. Even manufacturing boundary conditions such as injection molding can be taken into account.
Product Design Extension
525,- €p.a.*
  • - Plastic rules
  • - Snap hook and hole design
  • - Wall thickness indication
  • - Draft analysis
  • - Undercut analysis
  • - and much more
Generative Design Extension
1410,- €p.a.*
  • - Topology optimization
  • - 2.5, 3, 5-axis milling
  • - Metal and injection molding
  • - Observed wall thicknesses and draft angles
  • - 3D printing (additive)
  • - Countless design algorithms for new products
*Prices excl. VAT

Autodesk Fusion and Product Design & Simulation Extension Overview

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For further information on the operation and use of Fusion, we recommend attending our training courses.

Product Comparison

Adviser PremiumAdviser UltimateFusion 360 + Extensions
Import of common CAD formats
Modelling of runners
Modelling of cooling systems
Import of assemblies
Dual Domain meshes
3D meshes
3D meshing of runners
3D modelling of cooling systems
3D modelling of heating systems
Adviser PremiumAdviser UltimateFusion 360 + Extensions
Injection point evaluation
Process window evaluation
Fiber orientation
Packing10 seconds
Runner optimization
Tool cooling (average)
Moldflow AdviserMoldflow InsightFusion 360 + Extensions
Tool steels and alloys
Cooling media
Moldflow AdviserMoldflow InsightFusion 360 + Extensions
Number of parallel simulations3
Number of cores per simulationup to 100up to 100
Queue (Job Manager)
Access to Cloud computingCloud only