Autodesk Fusion Simulation Extension

From injection molding to mechanics simulation

Detail view of a Moldflow injection molding simulation in Autodesk Fusion, displaying the deformation of a plastic part with various color gradients.

What is the Autodesk Fusion 360 Simulation Extension?

With the Autodesk Fusion Simulation Extension, your team can perform performance and manufacturability analysis.

Simulation studies help understand how your 3D designs will perform under real-world conditions before manufacturing.

Explore structural, thermal, and explicit simulation tools, including injection molding simulation, to gain early insights into manufacturing.

Advantages of Fusion Simulation Extension

Access to different types of simulations

Simulate what you need with access to a wide range of advanced finite element method (FEM) simulation capabilities using proven solvers from mature simulation software, such as Moldflow.

CAD models for simulation the easy way

Simplify your simulation CAD models and simulation studies. Compare design changes and revisions without having to export models.

Ensuring the moldability of plastic parts

Recognize and visualize moldability. Predict the quality of injection molded plastic parts. Use design change recommendations to revise your 3D designs.

What are the possibilities offered by the Simulation Extension?

Injection molding simulation

Recognize the impact of part design on the manufacturability and quality of plastic injection molded parts.

Nonlinear static analyses

Simulate significant deformation, motion, contact and load changes in nonlinear materials.

Dynamic analyses

Predict how time-dependent forces affect the performance of a 3D design.

Modal analyses

Check the effects of natural free vibration on your component or assembly to help fine-tune your design.

Thermal stationary state

Trace the heat transfer to determine if your component can fail due to the maximum critical temperature.

Thermomechanical simulations

Simulate temperature-induced stresses and varying thermal expansion characteristics of materials in the model.

Buckling analyses

Insights like critical buckling factor let you develop and refine designs to prevent structural failure.

Topology optimization

Achieve weight reduction design goals by identifying and removing excess material from your designs.

Simulation Extension
1410,- €p.a.*
  • - Injection molding simulation
  • - Static component analyses
  • - Dynamic analyses
  • - Implicit and explicit calculations
  • - Impact simulations
  • - and much more

*Prices excl. VAT and may vary

From black box to high-quality component design in just a few hours

Learn more about Fusion Generative Design Extension now and follow the journey from basic settings to full-fledged renderings with our sample design.

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Autodesk Fusion and Product Design & Simulation Extension Overview

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Injection Molding Product Comparison

Adviser PremiumAdviser UltimateFusion 360 + Extensions
Import of common CAD formats
Modelling of runners
Modelling of cooling systems
Import of assemblies
Dual Domain meshes
3D meshes
3D meshing of runners
3D modelling of cooling systems
3D modelling of heating systems
Adviser PremiumAdviser UltimateFusion 360 + Extensions
Injection point evaluation
Process window evaluation
Fiber orientation
Packing10 Sekunden
Runner optimization
Tool cooling (average)
Moldflow AdviserMoldflow InsightFusion 360 + Extensions
Tool steels and alloys
Moldflow AdviserMoldflow InsightFusion 360 + Extensions
Number of parallel simulations3
Number of cores per simulationup to 100up to 100
Queue (Job Manager)
Access to Cloud computingCloud only