Checking tolerances with the Moldflow TolTool

Increased productivity and efficiency with the TolTool tolerance evaluation

Compare tolerances easily and quickly using filling simulations

Autodesk Moldflow is the market leader in injection molding simulation. Our customers achieve success not only in realizing economic savings such as reducing cycle times, lowering tooling costs, and minimizing part weights but also in optimizing warpage and shrinkage. For even more efficient and accurate evaluation, the TolTool software can now be used—a program that works exclusively with Moldflow and revolutionizes tolerance alignment.

With TolTool, our developed tolerance software, tolerances between simulation and reality can finally be compared quickly and easily. Using the software, we can create measurement reports and results within the program itself and in Excel.

Analyses of absolute positions, distances, lengths, angles, straightness, roundness, parallelism, cylindricity, flatness, and coaxiality can be performed through seamless integration with your CAD program. Components can be positioned as in the measurement setup, and comparisons between multiple Moldflow simulations can be achieved rapidly.

Introduction into the TolTool

Import predefined dimensions and tolerances from Excel as measurement reports
Planned interfaces for the most common CAD tools are Inventor, CATIA, NX, ProE
Add or create complete measurement reports directly in the GUI

Selection and measurement options

Adding measurement methods based on element nodes
Easy selection of nodes using Moldflow’s own tools
  • Select Nodes on Edge
  • Select Nodes on Surface
Passing selected node IDs to TolTool with a mouse click

Presentation of tolerance results

Loading all warpage results from Moldflow for calculation at the click of a button
Detailed list representation of dimensions with upper and lower tolerance limits
Deviation calculation
Color representation of OK / not OK

Additional features

Loading different analyses
Detailed list representation of dimensions with upper and lower tolerance limits
Overview representation for assessing the influence of the process on dimensional accuracy

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