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Predict Jetting in Moldflow

Did you know that Moldflow can help you predict jetting?

You first need to be in 3D mesh and I would highly recommend the addition of gates and runners. If you go into Advanced Options – Solver Parameters – Edit – You can turn on Simulate inertia effect. If you think gravity will also have an impact, you can also choose the option of Simulation gravity and inertia effects.

Fill Time is a single data result so it will never show an area “unfilling” due to inertia or jetting. We need to look at the Polymer Fill Region plot since this is an intermediate plot type and can show the odd filling patterns created during jetting.

Slowing down the inject velocity or changing the gate type can help to reduce the effects of jetting.

Have you ever noticed jetting on any of your parts?

It is shown the thermoplastics injection molding solver parameters where you can choose the fill and pack analysis and click for example simulate inertia effect

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