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FEA Result Export Scripts from Moldflow to e.g. Nastran

FEA Result Export Scripts from Moldflow to e.g. Nastran

Moldflow Insight comes with multiple scripts preloaded with the software. If you simply type HELP from the Command Line, a list of available scripts will populate. You can also add scripts to this folder so they can be called from the Command Line.

One script that can be helpful is the MPI2AUT, this will allow you to pass Moldflow results to Autodesk Nastran for additional FEA analyses. There are other scripts such as MPI2ABQ, MPI2ANS, MPI2NAS, and MPI2DYN that pass Moldflow results to other FEA tools.

Do you ever pass your Moldflow results to FEA for additional simulations?

There are scripts that help to directly import Moldflow results that are useful for FEA, such as internal stresses, fibre orientation info or weld line positioning. MFS & Plastics Engineering Group Services.

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