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Create and run scripts with the Fusion 360 API

Create and run scripts with the Fusion 360 API

Did you know that Fusion360 has a built in API where you can create, edit, or runs scripts?

A Fusion 360 user created an Export Lines script and posted it to the Forums. When you download and add this script you can then export your 2D or 3D sketches as an IGES file into your favorite injection molding simulation software.

Take a look at forum posts featuring the Fusion 360 API:



How do you use Fusion’s API functionality?

An image showcasing the Fusion 360 API tool interface. The main window displays a clean and user-friendly design with various components. The toolbar at the top provides access to essential functions, such as creating, modifying, and managing designs. The left panel features a project explorer, allowing users to navigate through their design files and folders. On the right, a dynamic properties panel shows detailed information about the selected design element. In the center, the 3D modeling workspace exhibits a 3D model of a mechanical part, illustrating the tool's powerful modeling capabilities. Overall, the picture represents the efficient and versatile nature of the Fusion 360 API tool for seamless integration and custom automation within the Fusion 360 design environment.

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