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How to use Local Coordinate Systems in Moldflow?

How to use Local Coordinate Systems in Moldflow?

Local Coordinate Systems – what are they and how can we use them in Moldflow?

A local coordinate system (LCS) is a user-created set of X, Y, and Z axes. You can create these LCS by selecting 1, 2, or 3 sets of coordinates.

These can be helpful when modeling runners and cooling systems since the newly created LCS will re-zero the model to that active LCS.

I also use LCS for radial warp measurements. If I need to orient the model at the center of a round feature, like a boss or hole, I will create an LCS at the center. This will allow me to use the Radial Warp Component for accurate measurements.

How do you use local coordinate systems with Moldflow Insight?

How to use Local Coordinate Systems in Moldflow - MFS

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