How to use the Customreport.vbs!

Did you know that you can create reports automatically from the Command Line in Moldflow Insight?
Opening the Command Line (View Tab – Window Panel – User Interface dropdown – Command Line) and typing in Customreport will run the customreport.vbs. This customreport.vbs is using a default.rpt file to generate the PowerPoint report.
If you were to complete a Warpage analysis, you could use the preloaded warp.rpt file by typing in Customreport, warp.rpt into the Command Line. This would use our warp.rpt file that highlights key plots from Filling, Packing, and Warpage. 
Stay tuned for next week when we talk more about the customization of the .rpt files!
How do you use the Customreport.vbs?

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