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My Favourite Warning Message

What does it mean, and what can you do against it

While Warning and Error messages can be frustrating in any simulation software, there is a warning that can be quite amusing.

“** Warning 306128 ** Air Speed in the vent approaches or exceeds sonic speeds. This may lead to inaccurate venting analysis. Please increase the size of the vent or add more venting analysis locations.”

Moldflow Insight assumes perfect venting unless you add vents to our 3D mesh and turn on venting analysis. If your vents are too small or too few, you will see Warning 306128. I always think its funny imaging the air travelling at 250 mph (400 Km/hr) trying to get out of the mold.

Fun fact, now in 2023 and 2024, we also get a Burn Mark Index. Trapped air due to insufficient venting can become pressurized and start to burn our material.

Do you have a favorite Warning or Error Message?

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