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Optimization of automatic filling time

Faster and better estimations

As history has shown, people use the Molding Window rather than the Automatic Fill option to help them determine Their optimal filling time. This is due to the Automatic Fill Time setting being too slow too slow.

In 2024, updates have been made to the Automatic Filling Control option. This should produce faster fill time estimates that I believe, will be closer to what I find in Molding Window.

Automatic Filling Control (and Molding Window) should not be used with any runner systems attached. If you choose to use Automatic with a 3D Hot Gate, Moldflow will produce an error. Automatic should be used with a part only model. After you build your runners, you can either use Filling Time or Flow Rate to control the filling speed.

Do you use Automatic or Molding Window to determine your part only filling times?

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