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Running Moldflow in Metric Units!

Running Moldflow in Metric Units!

I live my life in English units. I drive my truck in miles per hour, measure our snowfall in feet, use yards to measure distances when hunting, and think in degrees F.

I run my Moldflow in metric units though. Not sure why, maybe because all our Moldflow training material is in metric? I blame Jay Shoemaker.

I can get by with mm and degrees C, but MPa is something that I can’t visualize. I still think in psi.

In both Moldflow Adviser and Moldflow Insight, you can rock dual units. Application menu – Options – Results tab – Second unit system for results display.

Hope this helps! I will keep posting these tips and tricks until I run out of ideas.

You can see a cmponent that shows a scale with Pressure at V/P Switchover.

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