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3D warpage calculations with STAMP!

Shrinkage Test Adjusted Mechanical Properties in Moldflow 2024

Moldflow 2024 was just released a couple of weeks ago!
As you all know, I love using 3D meshes for most of my Moldflow consulting. 2024 now has Shrinkage Test Adjusted Mechanical Properties or STAMP available for 3D warp calculations.
Dual Domain and Midplane warpage calculations have been using CRIMS or Corrected Residual In-Mold Stress data for over the last 30 years. We now will be using this same data for our 3D warpage calculations.
STAMP is not the default 3D shrinkage model in 2024 however you can Edit the material card and change to the STAMP model in the Shrinkage tab.
Have you installed 2024 or tried STAMP yet?

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