Why the Molding Window Analysis can be useful!

In der Abbildung sehen Sie ein Diagramm, das die Einspritzzeit und die Schmelztemperatur anzeigt.

Today’s lesson is brought to you by my favorite Moldflow analysis: Molding Window!

I have to admit, this was not always my favorite. I remember learning about this analysis in college. I thought it looked weird, it didn’t look like “Moldflow”, and I was sure that I would never use this tool in the future.

Look at me all grown up! Molding Window saves me time (they take about 2-3 sec to solve) by helping me determine my process settings.

You need a mesh (Midplane or Dual Domain) and an injection cone. I adjust my Molding Window default settings slightly but that is covered in our training courses. This helps me determine my Mold/Melt temperature, injection time, and cooling time.

Even if I eventually run a 3D mesh, I still run a Molding Window on a Dual Domain copy.

Is Molding Window perfect and going to solve all your problems? No, but if you are in Moldflow and looking to pick your process settings, I highly suggest running a Molding Window!

Your team from MFS and Mason Myers

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