Why to mesh as a Dual Domain Mesh first?

You can see the tools of the generate mesh and also define the global edge length. But it also shows the general mesh information.

When I was learning Moldflow almost 20 years ago, I was taught to mesh everything as a Dual Domain mesh first (actually Dual Domain was called Fusion mesh back then). I still mesh that same way for several reasons:

It’s easier to clean up 2 surface layers of a Dual Domain mesh than 10 tetrahedral layers on a 30 mesh.

I run Molding Window on most of my parts which is a Midplane or Dual Domain only analysis.

I use my Dual Domain Mesh Statistics to determine if I should stay in Dual Domain or go to 3D.

I see a lot of different CAD types from different customers so I am always worried about CAD cleanliness

You can mesh right to 3D and if you have clean CAD, the default mesher will probably work fine. Meshing directly to 3D even has an option to “Stop after surface mesh generation”.

If I am using Midplane, I will also create my Midplane mesh from my clean Dual Domain mesh.

How do you mesh in Moldflow Insight?

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