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Why the re-melt plot within your analysis can be useful!

Why the re-melt plot within your analysis can be useful!

Did you know that Moldflow Insight has a Re-melt plot?
This plot will only appear while using a Part Insert 3D in an overmolding analysis or within a Two-Shot overmolding analysis.
The heat from the shot being molded can cause the insert or previous shot to melt, creating this re-melt plot. This can be good for adhesion between the separate parts however too much re-melt can increase the deformation of the insert or previous shot. Also – material that re-melts can potentially start flowing again, leading to optical defects or unwanted movement within molds.

To make sure your parts re-melt sufficiently, have your parts simulated by our engineering office Plastics Engineering Group!
Have you ever noticed the re-melt plot within your analyses?

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