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Learn to interpret Moldflow results

Learn to interpret Moldflow results

Do you frequently work with toolmakers or contract manufacturers and need to provide approvals for components or tools?

Often, as part of such decisions, Moldflow simulation results are presented in addition to technical drawings or prototypes. But how do you actually interpret these results?

For such questions, we have developed a Moldflow interpretation training that provides not only the most important basics, but also the following key learnings:

  • Influences of design and gating concepts
  • Pressure drop calculation in gating systems
  • Balancing of runner systems
  • Material data and numerical models

And, of course, the interpretation of results regarding

  • the filling and packing phase of the component, runner system, and mold
  • the temperature control and cooling systems
  • the shrinkage and warpage calculation

We regularly offer group trainings in German language in Darmstadt. Training dates can be found on our training page at any time. If dates are not available for a long time, please feel free to contact us via the form below, and we will provide alternative dates.

Use this training to also network with other users and bring along your own problem cases.

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